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David Pilz – Oregon’s Emergent Culinary Truffle Industry

Join us on Thursday, January 8, 2009 at our General Meeting for speaker David Pilz Dan Luoma, for a talk on Oregon’s Emergent Culinary Truffle Industry. We will meet at our usual location: LCC Building 16, Room 115 at 7:00pm:

Of all the World’s culinary delicacies, truffles stand out as the ultimate luxury food. Among the regions where they are or can be grown, Oregon has a suite of competitive advantages for their production. We have our own delicious native truffles and have all the resources needed to produce large quantities of cultivated European truffles. Oregon now stands on the cusp of a unique opportunity to become a world leader in the production of this highly prized rarity.

The truffle white paper that David will discuss explains the opportunities that a truffle industry offers Oregon and how to go about developing a premier industry, one that is characterized by high-quality products, ethical business practices, environmentally responsible production, and widely accrued benefits.

NOTE: Last minute speaker change, Dan will be presenting Dave’s presentation as Dave became unavailable at the last minute. Thanks Dan!!

UPDATE:  The current rough draft of the white paper presented at this meeting is available.

Mushroom Mimicry by Dracula Orchids – December 11, 2008 at 7pm

Join us on Thursday, December 11, 2008 at 7:00pm at LCC:

Dr. Bitty Roy will speak about her recent research in Ecuador.  Her talk is entitled: “Mushroom mimicry by Dracula orchids and other cool stuff in the cloud forest.” This promises to be a very interesting look at some of the more exotic fungi– as well as a group of plants that would like you to think they are fungi!

Felix Dracula Orchid by Flickr user scott361 - thanks!

Dr. Bitty Roy is a professor of Biology at University of Oregon in the Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.  She spoke for CMS before on the topic of “Fungal Rusts and One Smut” and conducts research in many parts of the world including the Willamette Valley, Switzerland and Ecuador.

Members’ Foray — Saturday November 15th, 2008

Hericium ramosumForays are limited to CMS members (and friends) only.  It’s likely we’ll head towards the Cascades.

Meet at the South Eugene High School by 8:45 for introductions and directions. We will leave at 9:00am sharp.

*General Foray Information*

You can become a member on Saturday to join us!

November 13, 2008 7:00pm – Flavorful, Fancy & Foul Fungi From Far Flung Places Around The World

Daniel Winkler\'s Mushroom hunter in Berner OberlandJoin us for a talk by adventurer and natural resource specialist Daniel Winkler. Daniel will cover Flavorful, Fancy & Foul Fungi From Far Flung Places Around The World. The presentation will include fantastic slides and stories from his many travels. The meeting takes place at Lane Community College, Building 16, room 115 at 7:00pm on Thursday November 13th, 2008.

Daniel grew up in Munich, Bavaria, and started hunting mushrooms as soon as he was able to keep up with his family in the forests. He studied geography, botany and ecology in order to work on environmental issues in the Himalayas and Tibet, where he has been researching and consulting for twenty years. As part of his research Daniel has been focusing on medicinal and edible mushrooms in Tibet for many years. Years ago Daniel moved to Seattle and joined the Puget Sound Mycological Society, which enticed him to take his love for mushrooms to a whole new level. Being an expert on wild edible mushrooms on three continents and an organizer of mushroom tours [], Daniel keeps venturing out into new and old habitats and cultures to feed his curiosity and his family, along the way capturing images and gathering stories to share.

Siskiyou Field Institute Class 2008

November 7-9, 2008: Learn about the biology, ecology and field identification of mushrooms.  Investigate edible as well as poisonous mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.  Prowl the Illinois Valley for mushrooms on Friday.  On Saturday, drive the scenic Smith River Gorge, scout for mushrooms ni teh redwoods and along the Oregon Coast, and spend the night at the Redwood Youth Hostel (lodging included).  On Sunday, continue shrooming along the coast and inland.  beginners and teh fingi-literate are welcome.  Go to the Deer Creek Center on the Siskiyou Field Insitute website for more information.  Taught by David Lebo, Deer Creek Center, Selma, Oregon and Oregon/California Coast.  Tuition: $140.   Course Code: MUS8.  Naturalist Certificate.

2008 Mushroom Festival at Mt. Pisgah

The Mushroom Festival, co-sponsored by the Cascade Mycological Society, is held on Sunday October 26th 2008 from 10am to 4pm, and features a broad range of fungi collected throughout western Oregon. Experts are on hand during the show to help with mushroom identification. The Mushroom Festival also includes hayrides, cider pressing demonstrations, wine tasting, and a scarecrow contest.  Suggested donation:
$5/person or $10/family.  MPA members free!

Visit the Mt. Pisgah Arboretum website for more details.

Members’ Foray — Saturday October 18th, 2008

Forays are limited to CMS members (and friends) only.  We’ll be collecting some less ephemeral species for the Mt. Pisgah Mushroom Show and likely edibles as well!

Meet at the South Eugene High School by 8:45 for introductions and directions. We will leave at 9:00am sharp.

*General Foray Information*

Yachats Mushroom Festival 2008

October 17-19, 2008: Fabulous Wild Mushroom Cuisine, Guided Mushroom Walks, Talks, Exhibits and Identification, as well as Fungi products, Music, Entertainment and lots of FUN-gi! The Yachats Village Mushroom Fest is hosted by the Yachats Area Chamber of Commerce and is generously supported by Yachats Restaurants, the Yachats Lodging Association, the Cape Perpetua Visitors Center and Scenic Area, Forest Ecologist Marla Gillham, OSU Faculty, Students and Alumni, Cascade Mycological Society, North American Truffling Society, Mycological Natural Products, the Yachats Youth and Family Activities Program, and many Yachats area businesses, naturalists and culinary mushroom enthusiasts. Our 2008 Mushroom Fest schedule will be similar to the 2007 Mushroom Fest schedule. Information: (541)547-3530, 1-800-929-0477.

Members’ Foray — Sunday October 12th, 2008

photo by seth at pisgah2007

Forays are limited to CMS members (and friends) only.  Meet at the South Eugene High School by 8:45 for introductions and directions. We will leave at 9:00am sharp.

*General Foray Information*


Identifest October 9th, 2008 at 7pm

Join the Cascade Mycological Society for our annual mushroom
Identifest. If you’ve ever wondered about that mushroom growing in
your yard, or the fungus you see popping up everywhere in the woods
and fields this time of year, now is your chance to find out! Bring
your specimens to Lane Community College, Building 16, room 115 at
7:00pm on Thursday October 9th, 2008.